Digital Literacy

Creating E-Teaching Materials

Using MS-Word, Excel & PowerPoint

  • Collecting and formatting of data
  • Cover Page, Header & Footer
  • Table of Contents, Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Captions for Figure, Equation, Graphs & Tables
  • References and Citations, Index Entries
  • Creating of a Templates of Worksheets
  • Creating HTML & MHTML (Web Pages)
  • Converting to and from a PDF (Portable data Format)
Workable Sample, Worked Sample, Workshop Feedback

Visual Comm. & Mind Mapping

Helps Recording in Long Term Memory

  • Mind maps with Kidspiration and Inspiration
  • Subject Mind Maps: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
  • Skills Mind Mapping: Planning, Thinking Skills
  • Tips for Good Presentations
  • Working with Multiple Media in PowerPoint
  • Creating Mind maps using SmartArt, Shapes, WordArt, Symbols
  • Creating collage with Visuals form Clip Art and Google Images
  • Picture: Crop, Adjust, Picture Styles, Arrange
  • Clips: YouTube, TeacherTube (Trouble Shooting)
  • Assessment for Learning

    Auto Marking Using ICT

    Online real-time collaboration

    Inter Class, School, Global

    • Collect and document multiple taught processes
    • Review and update presentation from different prospective
    • Creating online logbooks for multiple users
    • Creating and editing group projects online
    • Make global presentation of class work
    • Accessing and updating your documents anywhere anytime
    • Art exhibition online, reviews and accessing
    • Feedback and Opinion Pool online

    One Laptop per Child/Teacher

    ICT Implementation and Integration

    • Overview of ICT Curriculum for MYP
    • Project based learning and subject Links with MYP ICT curriculum
    • Shareware and Open source resources for teaching and Learning
    • ICT Management - Sharing resources, Oranization of files and folder
    • Uses, Tools and advantages of Networking and Internet
    • Digital citizenship and Cyber Safety