Subject: Sample E-Test Middle School Science

Document: Simple Chemical Reaction

1] Select the type of change Physical or Chemical Change

1. bicycle tire going flat Chemical changes Physical changes
2. candle burning Chemical changes Physical changes
3. milk turning sour Chemical changes Physical changes
4. adding hot water to pot noodles Chemical changes Physical changes
5. cheese going mouldy Chemical changes Physical changes
6. painting nails with nail varnish Chemical changes Physical changes
7. breaking an egg Chemical changes Physical changes
8. steam condensing on a window Chemical changes Physical changes
9. chocolate melting Chemical changes Physical changes
10. burning methane Chemical changes Physical changes
11. adding magnesium to acid Chemical changes Physical changes
11 Mark
2] Draw lines to match the reactants to the gas that is produced when they react.

1. hydrochloric acid =>zinc metal Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen
2. sulphuric acid => calcium carbonate Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen
3. nitric acid => sodium metal Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen
4. citric acid => sodium carbonate Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen
5. phosphoric acid => iron Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen
6. tartaric acid => potassium carbonate Carbon Dioxide Hydrogen
6 Mark
3] The statements are about making and testing hydrogen gas. Put them in order by writing numbers in the boxes.

1. Wait until the reaction has finished.
2. Put 2 cm depth of hydrochloric acid into a test tube.
3. Hold a burning splint at the mouth of the test tube.
4. Put a bung loosely into the test tube.
5. If the gas burns with a pop, it is hydrogen.
6. Add one piece of magnesium ribbon to the acid.
7. Remove the bung.
7 Mark
4] Distinguish whether the following are

Question Type Colour PH
1. Sodium hydroxide Acids Alkaline Neutral
2. Hydrochloric Acids Alkaline Neutral
3. Pure Water Acids Alkaline Neutral
4. Acid rain Acids Alkaline Neutral
5. Sea water Acids Alkaline Neutral
6. Ammonia washing soda Acids Alkaline Neutral
7. Vinegar Acids Alkaline Neutral
8. Lemon Juice Acids Alkaline Neutral
9. Lime water Acids Alkaline Neutral
10. Rain water Acids Alkaline Neutral
30 Mark
5] Write true or false for each statement.

1. Hydrogen gas burns with a pop. false true
2. Carbon dioxide gas burns with a pop. false true
3. Carbon dioxide gas turns limewater milky. false true
4. Acids react with metals to make carbon dioxide gas. false true
5. Acids react with carbonates to make carbon dioxide gas. false true
6. Acids react with metals to make hydrogen gas. false true
7. Acids react with carbonates to make hydrogen gas. false true
7 Mark
6] Complete these word equations.

1. iron + oxygen => _______
2. magnesium + oxygen => _________
3. carbon + oxygen => __________
4. zinc + oxygen => __________
5. sulphur + oxygen => _________
6. hydrogen + oxygen => _________
6 Mark
7] Complete these sentences by selecting the write words.
1. Fuels burn in air because air contains

2. Fuels need to start them burning.

3. Charcoal is a made from

4. When it burns, the reaction is called

5. The product of the reaction is

6 Mark
73 Total